Posters Image


Posters for inserts, POS hanging posters or snapper frames.

Printed onto your choice of satin, tear resistant, gloss and photo finishes across various grams.

Wallpaper Image


Printed on high quality wallpaper with a textured finish.

Application on site if necessary by an expert application team.

Canvas Images

Canvas Prints

High quality canvas prints done and block mounted to the size of your specifications.

Banners Images


Printed on high quality PVC and finished according to requirements (hems, eyelits, welding,etc.)

Roll up banners deluxe or econo | X Banners

Lightbox Images

Backlits / Translucent Vinyl

Printed onto film or light boxes.

Contravision Images

Contra Vision

One Way / Security Film / Contra Vision

One way vision / security for in-store or vehicle window branding.

Vehicle Images

Vehicle Vinyls

Vehicle self adhesive vinyl

Specific vinyls for either full vehicle wraps or flat surfaces, i.e. trucks, delivery vehicles.

Vinyl Prints Images

Vinyl Prints

Self adhesive vinyl prints – from larger stickers to wall and floor vinyls.

Lightbox Images

Rigid Surfaces

Flatbed printing directly onto various flat rigid surfaces – wood, glass, paper boards, plastics, PVC, ABS, metal, tiles, etc.

Contravision Images


Display or carry boxes made to any size, printed on reinforced corrugated board.

Vehicle Images

Labels and Stickers

Small to medium print runs on labels and stickers.

We print CMYK pantone matching and can cut contour shapes.



We have reliable printing solutions that utilise fast and high resolution colour laser engines with precise pantone matching colour control and we can offer additional profiles for various substrates. Label printing is done roll to roll, finished with the options of laminating, rolls delivered left / right / top edge leading with either inside or outside wind for machine application if required.

Maximum printable size 180mm x 550mm


We are able to print directly onto a wide variety of flat materials with a maximum thickness of 100mm (wood, glass, paperboards, metal, tiles, plastics, etc). CMYK & White
Maximum printing size within 2.5 x 1.2M


Our Large format printing solution utilises a fast and high resolution solvent based printer with precise pantone matching colour control and we can offer additional profiles for various substrates. Large Format finishing comprises of various equipment which can plot to shape, film laminate, liquid laminate and trim to size. Maximum printable size is dependent on the material rolls as well as the requirements of the end product.

Our printer has a printable width of 1.6m wide.


Our high speed digital can kiss cut / dot cut / half cut or crease all kinds of corrugated paper, PVC sheets, boards, plates, foams to name a few.